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    Bringing goods from the EU

    Don't you think that Britain has now been turned into a bit of a club that's getting out-of-hand and wasting colossal amounts of money on a gravy train for wannabe politics who couldn't hack it in the EU?
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    New Number 1 DIY disaster

    I rather like the idea of TIG Brazing; perhaps TIG Silver-soldering is a possibility; it would need less heat than even a TIG Braze, so would likely distort much less. There are several videos on You Tube.
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    Ebonies Lime wood

    About 20 years ago, I broke some old shellac record discs into little bits, and dissolved them in meths, as I had read in "Woodworker" magazine that they made a good eboniser. Still got the eboniser; still haven't got round to trying it on a bit of wood!
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    Opening thumbnails

    Well, congratulations on your menarch, although I must admit to being surprised!
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    TUNGSTEN inert gas.
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    Politicians in general. And Music as political comment. :D

    Surely it should be, "Stabbing-up each other"; or have the Rules of Grammar been totally lost?
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    Chuck Removal Fobco Star

    Almost certainly held by a "Jacob's" taper. You need to use folding hollow wedges to get it off.
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    Startrite Mercury Pillar Drill - no power

    Probably it's the capacitor that has failed. Get that checked before spending on a new, or re-wound, motor.
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    Cast iron repair - RJH sander

    Remove from the machine, bevel the edges of the break, align and clamp the 2 parts to a flat support , and bronze weld it. About half an hours work. Unfortunately I live in Kent; otherwise I'd do it for you while you wait.
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    Where can I buy these hardware?

    Isaac Lord is the place to go; a massive stock. High Wycombe and other places.
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    clever and skilful metal bashing in pakistan

    The lovely Jacob Rees-Mogg has stated that he cannot see any reason that workers in Britain can't operate to the same safety standards as Asian countries.
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    Cascamite WBP

    I understood that it was the glue used for laminating the plies that was the problem; bulges would appear on what should have been flat panels, or the outer plies of a panel would lift away from the inner ply which would remain adhered to the rib or former.
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    BBC The Repair Shop polish

    There's a woodworking news group mainy peopled by Americans, who seem to always worry that their shellac has a limited life in a bottle. I've got bottled shellac that I use without problems that must be 50 years old! (And if I had a problem, I wouldn't be at all suprised to discover that the...
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    Road Tax rates

    Well, a BMW owner wouldn't be wrong, would he?
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    Keeping warm

    Long-sleeved socks and a sheepskin thong does it for me.