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    What is this wood?

    Spalted Beech
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    Dictum DS150L slow-speed grinder

    I have had this Grinder for just over a year now and it is the best I have had, although it looks like the Axminster, and others it is more robust than them. I ordered it and received it in about 5 days from Germany, mind you that was pre-Brexit. Richard
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    Swivel Head Lathe

    I have the Wivamac 6000 which is a short bed lathe now known as the Wivamac Zebrano.
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    Working out lathe speeds?

    I assume you are driving the motor via an inverter? Most inverters have a readout that gives the Hertz at full speed this can be 50Hz or can be 60Hz or even higher depending how it was programmed. It may also be programmed with a minimum Hertz setting typically 10Hz to ensure you have adequate...
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    ELF decorating tool

    I use the Burrs mounted in the chuck of my handpiece of a flexible drive which is detachable The handpiece simply is a handle with a shaft and bearings once detached from the flexible part it rotates freely.
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    Can't get a chuck to fit my lathe

    Picture would suggest it is 3/4” x 10tpi
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    What is this 'grind' and tool for?

    Mark according to this listing it does? Woodturning Tools. Item Ref.: HS85 Tool Type: Bowl Gouge Manufacturer: Henry Taylor Tools, Sheffield, UK Blade Material/Heat Treatment: M2 HSS Nominal Size*: 3/8 Blade diameter*: 1/2 Flute Profile: Superflute (Parabolic) Grind Style: Square...
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    What is this 'grind' and tool for?

    This is the Factory Grind for Superflute Bowl Gouge with a Parabolic Flute. Only really suitable for shaping the outside of bowls. This can be shaped to any of the Bowl Gouge grinds using jigs or freehand.
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    Customs duty

    Bodger one assumes it is the Vicmarc? Chuck you are considering? are these not already available in the UK. The Vicmarc website would list all its overseas agents.
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    Grinder upgrade. What's the best bet currently?

    I recently upgraded my Bench Grinder and was looking for the Creusen Slow Speed but came across what I believe is a substitute unit from Dictum, who are based in Germany , which is as good as the Creusen. 150mm Slow Speed, 370w and with CBN package option took 3 days for delivery which was...
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    m33 x 3.5 chuck

    You can get a set of Engineering Jaws for the Axminster Chucks close to a couple of mm. Listed on Axminster Web Site as Axminster Internal and External Safety Jaws, you will require the External Type. Richard
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    cellulose thinners

    Yes and the cheapest way to buy it, I have used this supplier too mix with sanding sealer for perhaps 10 years. Also use it to degrease items, clean away gunk on bed bars, and clean away Dye from anything that got in the way. Richard
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    Sip 01488 bearings

    The bearings should have a Code marked on them which tells any supplier what is required. May be difficult to find a bearing supplier open but you should be able to get them on line. Not sure how many bearings there are, probably 2, but they are some times different sizes so check them all...