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  1. J

    Mig tig combi machine

    I know Kemppi (Finnish company) used to do a basic mig unit to which you could add on other modules to convert to TIG etc but they were 3ph supply and wouldnt be cheap as Kemppi supplied industry. Worth having a look at their website to see if they do 1ph gear and try to find a used machine.
  2. J

    Lidl electric nailer/stapler?

    On a tangent from the original thread. Back in the day the company that I worked for purchased several MIG welders from a company called Norman Butters who were a Coventry based company at this time. I had occasion to replace a component on the wire drive unit and couldn't get their fixing pins...
  3. J

    Where have these been all my life - reverse action tweezers !

    As an ex electrician I tend to use a pair of long nose pliers for those fiddly awkward hard to reach jobs, they became the go to tool foranything awkward for me. Just a thought.
  4. J

    Custom bandsaw fence from aluminium extrusions

    Really like the look of that fence, excellent job. Can you tell me where you bought the aluminium sections and hardware from please😊
  5. J

    Timber suppliers in the West Midlands

    Thanks blokes,looks like a ride to Gt Barr first thats the nearest and then out to Stafford and then try Wythall as thats the most awkward for me. Thanks all for replying. John
  6. J

    Timber suppliers in the West Midlands

    Hi all, as I'm only an amateur manufacturer of sawdust and offcuts, I don't need and can't afford to buy hardwoods in large quantities. I have looked online but the delivery charges are more expensive than the timber! So, can anyone recommend a supplier, either a shop or a timber yard that...
  7. J

    Record Marples M148 guide bushes

    Thanks for that Dickm
  8. J

    Record Marples M148 guide bushes

    Hi all, I know it's a longshot, but does anyone have any idea if I can buy replacement guide bushes from somewhere for the Record Marples M 148 dowel jig ? Or if not where I can get some turned, I need 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. Cheers all, keep safe
  9. J

    Safety Sunday..

    There's no great difference in price between biased and single throw switches, a couple of quid maybe, so the reason must be with the tool manufacturers pricing policy. They charge what the market will pay, if you want this tool then this is what it will cost you in your country. One only has to...
  10. J

    Safety Sunday..

    While we're on the subject of angle grinders and safety. A friend of mine had his Bosch angle grinder wrench out of his hands, bounce off the floor and sever his Achilles tendon. If the tool had been fitted with a biased switch, ie release off spring loaded switch the tool would have eventually...
  11. J

    Wood filler. Hot cold, whatever works

    I like the look of the Toupret filler, but can anyone tell me how close to the actual wood finish it is after sanding and staining. I use Ronseall 2 part filler , but I find that it does leave a slightly smoother area than the surrounding wood and can be quite noticeable
  12. J

    Freud precision shear forstner bits

    I picked up a set of 5 Famag Bormax 2, 15mm to 35mm bits in a wooden case from Amazon a couple of months ago for less than £70. Was I lucky!! Put the 35mm through 50mm of oak using my tatty, cheap old pillar drill at 500 revs and it really was a revelation after years of Aldi and Lidl specials...
  13. J

    What the Flock

    Have a look on you tube at "Flocking with a home made flocker *tutorial*" Just two plastic glasses, works for the bloke on you tube!
  14. J

    Wanted Bench Pillar Drill

    Hi all, Like many others I'm looking for a 16mm chuck bench pillar drill with a decent size motor (min 500w 240v) I don't want a doer upper and it doesn't need to be a 50 year old "special. I just want to drill round holes vertically and not stall when I drill 35mm holes in hard wood with a...
  15. J

    which way for the blade?

    Have a look on most decent hacksaw blades, you'll probably see an arrow indicating the direction the blade should be fitted into the frame. I've never seen one pointing to the handle yet, always forward. Hacksaws cut on the forward stroke.Look forward to being shot down lol