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    How do I make this?

    No problems whan I have done layon strips
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    Veneered Suppliers

    I think Travis list a 3mm birch ply but its only a C grade face As for the decorative veneers the only way you will get close to 3mm is to take a sheet of 1.5mm birch skinply and veneer each side with the pre jointed "flexiveneer" which would bring you close to 3mm overall
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    How do I make this?

    Stuart PM'd me about this but I thought I would reply here as it may be useful to others. For the doors I would go with 22mm MRMDF styles and rails and a 9mm panel, 18 & 6 is OK on kitchen doors but feels a bit flimsy on taller wardrobe doors. Method as above groove 10-12mm deep. The same...
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    wardrobe hinge help needed.

    Blum do one of the integral Blumotion consealed hinges specifically for thicker doors which is 95 degree opening lay-on doors 71B9550 Inset doors 71B9750 I usually go with the 173H710N mounting plates for these, assuming 18mm carcase EDIT pages 26 & 27 has details...
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    Thoughts on an Emco lathe please

    I had the slightly older geared head version for a number of years the Emcomat8.6 and was very happy with it. Far better build quality than teh imported far eastern machines. Parts are still available but like teh Emco accesories are not the cheapest, Pro Machine tools do them...
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    4wd help

    Windup or an automatic locking front hub playing up, had that on my old diahatsu.
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    Sourcing Vinyl for vacuum bag

    I've used the 500 and 1500 wide stuff and just sealed with parcel tape, on the 500mm one I use the seal from my bagpress but easily made from minitrunking and a rod. Its quite durable you can get quite a few uses from it as long as you are careful putting work in so the corners don't snag.
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    Lathe boring tools

    Really depends on the job and size of hole. For very small stuff I use old HSS slotdrills ground to a suitable shape for boring ( you can also use them as is in the toolpost) For general boring I prefer the indexables on all metals changing the tip to suit For large boring jobs particularly...
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    Options for MDF Wardrobe doors?

    22/9 will be fine. MR MDF though you could go with a lighter board for the panel as the edges won't be exposed as they tend to be fluffier. Panels do want to be glued in
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    Options for MDF Wardrobe doors?

    I also use loose tennons but prefer to use 22mm styles and rails with a 9mm panel, the thinner option is OK on smaller say kitchen doors but feels a bit flimsy on a full height door. Add a panel moulding around the recess if the client wants something a bit more than plain shaker.
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    Danish Oil leaves orange tone

    Is it a fresh tin? old stuff can discolour as well as settle out. J
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    Indexable lathe turning tools

    No CCGT C = Rhombic Shape, C = 7degree Relief, G = Higher Tollerance due to ground edges, T = Single sides CSK hole Although they are known as CCGT that really does not describe the differences very well apart from the G, you really need to look at the makers individual codes at the end of the...
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    Indexable lathe turning tools

    For thise that have a job getting a fine finish with the indexable tips try one of the tips for Non-ferrous metals such as CCGT rather than the general purpose CCMT. these are far sharper so don't tend to push the work away on a light lathe or slender part. Did this crank in EN8 a couple of...
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    Looking for rip blades with flat teeth

    The small Kity machines were supplied with a flat tooth blade as standard, worth asking at NMA if the spare is the same http://www.nmatools.co.uk/productdetail ... roduct=846 The Freud LM01 0400 is another option but not many selling it unless you want to try russia
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    Bathroom Panneling

    I've done several with MRMDF and just routed Vees in it, also used the ready made sheets of beaded MRMDF both easy to paint and no caracking of teh paint at teh joints. Good quality softwood also looks good but get it inside to aclimatise and make sure you get a couple of coats on te back before...