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    A plea to Steve Maskery

    Many thanks for that Steve. I have got it working properly with a half inch 4tpi blade now, still having problems with a 5/8 3 tip but mayne it can't tension that enough.
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    A plea to Steve Maskery

    And the stock answer to that is get a new blade from Tuffsaws...... Which is what is on it :)
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    A plea to Steve Maskery

    No CD player. I used to use the one in my iMac but have a new one and they don't have a built in CD any more.
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    A plea to Steve Maskery

    I am having big problems with my bandsaw cutting straight after changing the top tire and the blade. Pretty sure it is my fault as I have been fiddling with the adjuster wheel that controls the amount of forward or backward tilt on the top wheel. I have Steve's set of bandsaw CDs but no longer...
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    Winter Challenge Results

    The results for the Winter Challenge are now in and are made up as follows. My thanks to Richard Findley for his usual sterling work. Judge's Scores and comments. 1st- Dennisk - Well designed, well made and finished. Very elegant and classic design, planned and executed brilliantly. 10 points...
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    Winter 16 Challenge. Please post your entries here.

    Its that time again. The Winter Challenge was for a ‘Christmas Decoration’. Richard Findley has kindly agreed to judge this quarter’s Challenge, Challenge Requirements: The Winter quarter’s rules were:- 1. The Challenge is open to anyone and everyone. Entries must be new and made...
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    Ticking noise coming from motor CL4

    My 18 month old Jet 3520b was doing that. I phoned Axi and they sent out a mechanic to change the inverter box. Solved the problem.
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    Axminster SK114 variant question

    I cannot argue with that :) but the SK114 does have other advantages, for me anyway.
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    Axminster SK114 variant question

    Indeed. it is the vanilla version, the T38. I have to say that I have often wished I had paid the extra for the T38R as the chuck can easily 'unwind' when using cole jaws or even a heavy piece of wood ( centrifugal force and all that )...... but it seems I couldn't have anyway, :)
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    Axminster SK114 variant question

    The two holes 'in the face of the chuck' are actually at the bottom of two of the jaw slide areas. There is a grub screw in each hole when you buy it which tighten down onto the shoulder of the spindle. There are 3 problems with this. 1, They only work if you drill a small recess for them to...
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    Axminster SK114 variant question

    Thats the whole silliness of it. The locking system is unuseable. I had assumed that was why the T38R was made at an extra £20 on the price but presumably you are saying that they haven't actually made it ?
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    Does this sound like a scam?

    You have already said it set alarm bells ringing. Trust them and steer well clear of this.
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    Camvac silencer

    Thanks for the link woodpig.
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    Camvac silencer

    I like this idea, it would fit nicely on the bottom of my demo stand. Any idea where you ge tacoustic foam ?
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    Axminster chucks; Evolution SK114 vs. Clubman SK100...

    As an afterthought, what lathe are you going to use it on ? the evolution would look out of place on a mini lathe. :)