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    Table saw out feed table

    I use my Router Table behind my Table Saw as a out-feed table, Works perfectly well if you have limited space like me.
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    Air Filtration System

    Thank you, very useful.
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    Air Filtration System

    Hello everyone - I'm after a Air Filtration System (Celling mounted) for my small workshop, Iv looked at one on the D&M website http://www.dm-tools.co.uk/product.php/sn/RPWAC400 would be great full for any feedback or can anyone recommend something else? Cheers
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    starting woodworking

    Pine, Well that's what we trained with at College.
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    Router Table Question

    I thought it was anti clockwise, just needed reassuring. Thank you
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    Router Table Question

    Feeding the stock from right to left on the table should the router cutter spin anti clockwise or clockwise???
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    Any members in south west?

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    Has anyone brought or used one of these before??? I just need convincing before i splash the cash... http://www.dm-tools.co.uk/product.php/s ... n/RPWPT107
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    Tool sharpening Novice

    Andy i just brought my T7 with Wood turners accessory kit from D M Tools - £599 http://www.dm-tools.co.uk/product.php/s ... TORT7DEAL1
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    Downstairs karzy... finished

    Very nice job.
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    Wish Rutlands would stop emailing me their offers :)

    I brought myself 6 today, I thought £59 was a bargain.
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    Axminster CT1502 jointer/planer (pictures...!)

    Excellent post, Thank you
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    Random Orbit Sander

    Looking to buy a R O Sander, The two I like and looked at both have 5 star reviews. Is there anything better on the market in the same price range and have any of the forum members used these two before.... All feedback will be greatly received. http://www.axminster.co.uk/bosch-bosch- ...
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    Bench (for sitting, not for working)

    Very Nice
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    Preparing Wood For Turning

    I recently felled two Horse-Chestnut Trees and iv kept some behind for woodturning (Bowls). Being a newcomer to woodturning I wanted to know how to prepare the wood for turning (ie) stripping the bark - Seasoning - time scale and so on! Thank you