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    Aviation enthusiast??

    I too am an aviation enthusiast and I have a share in a plane which myself and friend flew from UK to Friedrichshafen some years ago (not in one flight!). We stayed at a guest house on the edge of the Bodensee and indeed we visited the Zeppelin museum which was superb. We also visited the...
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    Wanted Anyone able (and willing) to 3D print a dust extractor part?

    Personally I would go for buying something and maybe modifying it to suit using bits of plastic etc glued on. Getting it drawn in CAD and successfully printed could be difficult (and expensive) and you'd probably end up having to modify it anyway to fit. 3D printed PLA has a habit of splitting...
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    Wanted Anyone able (and willing) to 3D print a dust extractor part?

    D&M Tools Camvac Cva400-50-122 4" Dust Hood (10" Nozzle), CAMCVA40050122 at D&M Tools Rutlands Dust Hood - Standard - 100mm | Next Day Delivery I found those using just a Google search on 'dust extractor shroud' and then browsing the images. Worth looking around as they vary a lot in price.
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    Wanted Anyone able (and willing) to 3D print a dust extractor part?

    Do you mean something like this?
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    M2 Screw? What bit please?

    Well, I've learned something today. I had often noticed a definite difference in the way some Phillips type screwdrivers fitted into some screws but I guess I put this down to badly manufactured screws. This thread has highlighted to me the existence of JIS. I found a good article in which the...
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    Hello from wales

    Welcome Plotter122👋
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    Best kit in my workshop

    I've got a fairly old Axminster 'White' series bandsaw which just about does all I need at the moment but I would love to upgrade to something like a Startrite. Maybe in a few years after I retire and have more time to appreciate such a machine.
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    Storage Crates

    Really Useful boxes get my vote too. I mainly use the 9L and 18L ones which fit perfectly 4 side-by-side on Costco chrome plated 48" wide metal shelving units. Those are not cheap but very strong and come with castors.
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    Spirit levels

    I have the Stabila 14" and 48" digital levels, superb bits of kit!
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    ultrasonic, compressor, parts cleaner ? if you could only have one?

    Allendale Ultrasonics have a good range of sizes of cleaners. I've got their 3L version which I use mainly for printed circuit boards but they do machines up to 27L. They've got some useful info on their website including this article about cleaning jewellery...
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    Cordless lawnmowers any good?

    I have an EGO 42cm which is excellent. It's very robust and I love the way the handle folds up and the mower can then be stood vertically so takes up much less floor space in the shed. I've also got an EGO strimmer which takes the same battery and I can easily mow and strim my medium size lawn...
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    What’s this tool?

    I've got one too. It was my dad's and I can remember him using it when I was very young so it must be over 60 years old. Amazing how it has survived in such good condition. Here's a picture with the handles slightly compressed showing the pin that pushes the saw tooth. You can also see the...
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    Another hello from Bucks

    And I've got a MK1b Toyota MR2, currently rebuilding the suspension.
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    Another hello from Bucks

    Hi Porker, seems there's quite a few UKW members who are EE's and live in Bucks. Probably the same in every county, I just wasn't expecting so many replies.
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    Another hello from Bucks

    It's still a good career, just very different. A lot is now done in the digital domain of course and that opens up areas such as FPGA design etc. My beef is that software engineers of the same 'grade' seem to be paid significantly higher salaries than hardware engineers.