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By Saltfleet_Turner
Hello everyone
I am new to this forum but not to woodturning.
I have just purchased a poolewood 28-40 superlathe, variable speed using reeves drive I think it is called. (£150 on ebay.)
The machine is in the process of being serviced and I have re-machined the spindle nose to 1" x 8tpi. This means my existing chucks etc. will fit. New bearings are in, just waiting for a replacement drive belt. I have had to get a 28x8x750 as the 765 length is no longer available, unless anyone knows different, I hope it fits.

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I would think you should get away with the 15mm difference although the speed range may be somewhat shorter, watch the belt does not bottom out on the motor spindle when adjusted for min. speed.

Slotting the three motor mounting holes to allow a 6-7mm shortening of the spindle centres may be a possibility, best of luck handling that large 6 pole motor.
By Saltfleet_Turner
The new belt arrived today, well done Royal Mail.
It is a perfect fit, in fact I had to move the motor further along the adjusting slots. I am getting the full speed range and no bottoming of the belt at either extreme. It is also considerably quieter.
For the benefit of others with this lathe I got the belt from George Lodge and Sons of Hull via their e-bay shop. £28.99 inc vat and delivery.
Now where did I put that piece of tree?
By Saltfleet_Turner
I have now converted this lathe to electronic variable speed. 0-3000rpm with current motor and inverter. The inverter is the limiting factor.
The old motor and variable speed pulleys etc. are now surplus to requirements if anyone is interested.
By ghettoblaster
Hi there. I also have 28-40 VS spares. The motor spindle is shot and the lathe is surplus to requirements.
I have 2 X original drive belts
1 X original spindle
and many other bits besides.
This may or may not be of use to someone?
By Terry Bray
I have just ordered the belt you suggested, they have 2 in stock, is it easy to change the belt as I do not have an instruction manual.
you said the 15mm shorter belt worked fine so just awaiting its delivery. I know this is many years ago you posted this but the belt I have is well and truly worn out so I don't want to change the lathe having been using it for some 16 years.