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By aramco
hi again this picture is of a American Airoplane bringing a fallen solder home and is called the ANGEL FLIGHT, I would like to make into a scroll saw pattern A3 size can anyone set me off in the right direction please ,bearing in mind I have never ever done a pattern before


Take care

Capture angle flight 3.JPG
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By Droogs
Go here to learn how to use GIMP to create scrolls saw patterns from pictures: ... king/gimp/
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By Silversam
What a great photo. You can see why it’s the angel flight.

It would certainly make a great piece.
Hope you manage to make a pattern. I’ve not tried to make one yet so I can’t help you in that department.
I did see a good tutorial video a while back. It was on utube.
I will try and find it again for you if I can.
By aramco
Hi Andy thanks for trying to find the tutorial for me , I have approached the site from where this picture came from to see if there is a copy write problem before I go any further, will do a post when I get their reply

take care