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By Paul200
Funny - but so dangerous. We live on the edge of a wood and I have chainsaws - but I also know my limitations! Let's hope the victims all recovered!
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By Tasky
Mostly hilarious. I swear at least half those trees are consciously (vengefully?) trying to take the humans down with them... it's like an arboreal version of Jaws!!
(hammer) :roll: :shock: #-o

What's scarier is that these are just the few incidents that were caught on camera!!
By rafezetter
Some were clearly staged, but some also gave me butt clenching moments, that car at 2:28 for example, I dearly hope it was right hand drive and no-one else was in it.
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By Eric The Viking
And the protagonists have clearly thought about what they are doing -- just not very hard or for very long (so not unconnected with voting for Trump I guess!).

Some of those accidents did look extremely nasty: there's one where the end of the trunk whips up (predictably) as it separates catching one of the two people, knocking his hard hat off and him over. It looks like the end of the trunk then comes down on top of him. If it did, it could well have been fatal (but by that time he was probably unconscious). The other nasty one was a tree bouncing off a pickup roll cage, onto the cab, squashing it. And the stupid taxi driver was also horrifying.

Watching a proper tree surgeon at work is quite illuminating. We have a silver birch out back which was heavily lopped a couple of years ago (it's around 40-50ft tall presently). There is a garage directly underneath it. Although the pieces taken off were probably close to the limit for a single person lift, I don't think they dropped even one small branch on its roof. Not only that, but they left it aesthetically a nice shape, too.
By phil.p
I was twenty five, and my uncle being the dork that he is decided after having a huge extension built that a tree was too close. He had been warned before the building went up but said it wasn't. It was an elm, about 2'6" in diameter, about 15' from the building but leaning well away from it. I had no insurance and couldn't afford any self generated mistakes, so I started to rope the thing up. Half a dozen builders stopped to watch and started barracking - if you knew what you were doing you wouldn't need to rope that, look where it's leaning ffs. And so on. Thankfully I was just mature enough to disregard them - as I cut cut through it cracked, jumped off its stump and twisted 180 degrees, falling straight back into the gable end. It stopped about 2' away. I had an Austin Gypsy at the time so I just hitched a rope to it and pulled it out. Not a word from the builders. :D

Shortest poem in the English language, apparently, and one of the oldest - Elum hateth man, and waiteth. :D Evil things. :D