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By kfenelon
I was finding that I am only using my Ex-30 on very few occasions so have decided to sell it. I ran it for about 5 minutes to check that all was OK. After that time the small 5amp fuse kept blowing. I replaced it on 3 occasions. As I am no good at repairing equipment it would need to be sent to Axminster in Devon which would incur heavy costs to have repaired and I would be back to square one but out of pocket.

If anyone out there is looking for an Excalibur Ex-30 and is good at repairing this type of equipment (all spares available from Axminster in Devon) I am asking for £300 or best offer. New they are £734.

This is based on collection only - I live in Holywell, North Wales.
Hi deadeye, just a comment, I don't have the Axi version, mine is the "original" Canadian/Taiwanese version (bought just before Axi's cheaper version became available wouldn't you know it!) and mine is 21 inch, not the 30. BUT based on my own experience of that machine (and several positive reports from other members here) I doubt very much it's a "real" motor problem after only 5 minutes running. And anyway is it perhaps still under warranty?

The link for the original manufacturer (General International of Canada) is:

The motor is DC, and is 60 Volts.

I suggest that if you're interested that you and the seller get together to sort something out - if I didn't already own one I'd bite his arm off, even though he's "a million miles away" from me!