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By kwj
Hello UKWorkshop. I'm new to this forum and your content is impressive. I had plans to build a power hacksaw and was beginning to identify some of the various bits and pieces which would be required ie. suitable motor, reduction gearing etc. when by chance I saw a 'real' one for sale near where I live. Instead of making from scratch, I'm now rebuilding a 'Meddings Pacera' produced in Slough probably 50's/60's. It's in quite good working order but needs some love and grease! It's powered by a 1/2 hp Brook Gryphon single phase.
Has anyone out there in metalworking land got the same machine? Meddings were [and are] well known for their quality pillar drills but I don't think they produced many hacksaws in comparison. Their best-known saw seems to be the HS4 model but mine is smaller and a bit more basic. I contacted Meddings but they had no information on my saw. I have trawled the net but to no avail. If anyone has a photo or brochure or user manual I would be very interested and very grateful to see a copy. There are a couple of panels missing and this would help to identify how it is supposed to look.
Thank you all.
Meddings Pacera power hacksaw.
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By Trevanion
I've seen Meddings Pacera drills before and I've seen Meddings Hacksaws before, I've never seen a Meddings Pacera Hacksaw though :|

Perhaps they had a very short run of machines as I don't think many people were wanting the power hacksaws as much when the Pacera line came out due to the fact that the bandsaws were getting more popular and were very much faster. It's quite often you come across machines you can't find a single thing about, The Stenner "small" workshop line of woodworking machines are a prime example, there's definitely planers, spindle moulders and morticers that have been made by Stenner but they were made in such a small number that not much is known or published about them. "Ghost Machines" if you will :lol: .
By Rorschach
I love watching power hacksaws and was considering buying one until I got a cheap portaband and decided that aside from blade cost it was a much better prospect. That being said, I am still on my first blade :lol:
By SteveW1000
Perhaps try asking at the projects forum often has descriptions of peoples restorations of power hacksaws so it's likely that people there either have one or could have information about them.
By kwj
Thanks for the interest guys. I must have a look on the mig forum.