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Agree JimiJimi, it does look interesting. And I've wondered about it more than once.

BUT, though I've seen it advertised several times before, I've NEVER seen any video or written review by anyone who's got one (apart from comments on the company own web site).

And: it's not exactly cheap for what is primarily some plastic moulding (albeit accurate, hopefully) plus some "nuts n bolts";

And: I don't think it does anything that a scroll saw with applicable blades will not do;

And: there are a bunch of similar ideas on the internet to make your own.

I don't want to pour cold water over the thing without seeing n trying it, but I do wonder if this isn't just a gimmicky thing that would end up right in the back of the cupboard once the first flush of enthusiasm has worn off.

Anyone with any experience of this actual device have any comments?

By JimiJimi
I agree - certainly as a scroll saw it is a poor substitute. But I am interested in the table saw applications. I don't have one, and most of the plans on the internet seem to require you to have one to build the things! It is the first design that I have seen that has a blade guide though. Like you say, it would be good to read some independent reviews.
By whatknot
Perhaps I am missing something here?

Its an upside down jigsaw for quite a lot of money

Buy a cheaper jigsaw (which have limited uses anyway) and screw it to an offcut and clamp it to the workbench

What am I missing?

Additionally I now see the item doesn't even include a jigsaw !

As to replacing a bandsaw ??? the kerf with a jigsaw would be larger than a bandsaw for one thing, but I would consider a bandsaw far safer than a jigsaw any day

And you have to buy extra long jigsaw blades