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By bp122
Hi There

I haven't been in the workshop for the last couple of months due to a death in the family - Haven't had a free day until now.
Revisiting my table saw, which I am making a zero clearance insert for, noticed that the blade has a slight wobble.
I whipped out my dial indicator and secured it against the blade, slowly rotated it to find a deviation of 0.31mm over a full revolution.

I can't make out whether it is the blade or the arbor.

The table saw is only a about 4 months old, and has had altogether about 12 days worth of use on it.
However, it was used with my badly setup fence and it has overt hat usage cut some Oak (1-1.25") and pine (2").

I am waiting to get a dial indicator clamp to measure the arbor runout.

Any thoughts on what would be an acceptable wobble?
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By Trevanion
lurker wrote:Slacken the blade and then retighten.

If that doesn’t work, off and on again (no I don’t work in IT)
My guess there’d is a bit of muck on yer flanges.

I'd suggest doing this but marking the blade where the high spot is, loosen off the flanges, turn the blade 180 degrees on the arbour and re-tighten. If the high-spot is still in the same place on the blade that means the blade has a warp, if it's opposite to where your mark is it means your arbour is either out or dirty.
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By bp122
Thank you all for responding.

I checked all the mating surfaces on the blade, the arbor and the flange, they all are clean - just to be sure, I gave them a clean wipe once more.

As you suggested, I shall determine whether the culprit is the blade or the arbor this weekend, see what is what!
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By Ttrees
On conversing with another member trying to sort this issue out, I'm told that
the pulleys being out of alignment can cause blade wobble issues.
I would expect this to be an issue with the bearing if it were the case, but apparently not.
motor pulley.jpg

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By bp122
Finally got around to it.

Mind you, I haven't checked the arbor for deviation, but instead I needed a different saw blade so I bought a Freud Pro blade. It has the same wobble on when tightened.

So I can say with some certainty that it is indeed the arbor which is wonky.
Any suggestions on how to fix it? or is this a warranty thing that I should contact Axminster about?
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By Trevanion
I’d definitely check the arbour before putting it down to that totally, but it’s more than likely to be the arbour if both the blades read the same.

Aside from checking everything like belts and pulleys are aligned there really isn’t anything that isn’t irreversible that I can think of that could help the problem, which may also make it worse than better.

Take up the problem with Axminster and see what they say.