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Think that it says that the versa chuck jaw carriers come with a set of screws anyway. But on the spares section it had versa chuck jaws screws, which also fit Axminster jaws I believe as they both fit on the same jaws carriers
The carriers will come with screws. I got a (sixth :) ) set last week. If you make pens or small stuff the engineering jaws are good - they look expensive, but they don't need carriers. They are good chucks, and Beaufort's service is excellent.
thanks guys. After posting, I guessed the versa chuck screws might be the same as Axminster but the clarification is very appreciated.
Phil, those engineering jaws are definitely on the my list of things to buy.
Hi Scooby. I've just stumbled on your post, and I can confirm that the screws you mention can be used to fit both Versachuck and Axminster dovetail jaws to the vc-v3axjaw Versa/Axi compatible carriers. We've updated the description of the screws on the website this morning to eliminate the doubt, which you have quite rightly pointed out was previously there.

If you're buying a set of Versa/Axi compatible carriers though, they come with a full set of screws in any case, so you'd only need to buy spares if the shavings on your workshop floor gets the better of them

I hope that helps
Highly recommend keep some spare screws, for any chuck type, so annoying when your project comes to a halt digging through all the woodchips looking for a dropped screw.

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