UK or Ireland Hardwood Slab Suppliers?

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21 Feb 2013
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Hello, Could someone kindly help me find a good Hardwood Slab supplier in the Uk or Ireland,I want to try and make coffee tables with large Hardwood Slab,I'd,Walnut etc.I live in Belfast N,Ireland So i need aUZk supplier will post too Belfast,could be costly,Easier option ,to be able to buy in Ireland,and, pick it up myself.All help appreciated.

Yours Kindly Paul
There's some serious chunks going on eBay, but you do run the risk of being ripped off on there. I saw a nice slab of pippy oak yesterday for about £300.
Another vote for English Woodlands Timber, they also have an ultra wide planer so can surface even very big slabs for you. Another option is Surrey Timbers, who as well as European timbers have a great selection of exotic slabs. Both of these have web site photos so for a postal customer you have at least an idea in advance what you're getting, plus they'll give you reliable information about the moisture content.

However, if you can get down to a timber yard yourself that's always the better option for slabs, no matter how many photos you look at there's nothing like seeing the piece with your own eyes.

One other tip, try and get as much information as possible about the source of the slab, clients really appreciate knowing the precise geography of the timber, it just helps differentiate your product from the high street and makes it all that bit more special. For example I managed to find a number of Elm slabs that came from the grounds of Hollyrood Palace in Edinburgh, and Surrey Timbers currently have a number of Teak slabs that were salvaged from a freighter sunk by a German U-Boat off the coast of Ireland. Details like that can add a lot to your furniture.

Good luck!

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