Table Saw Restoration? or not!

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24 Jan 2018
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Wokingham UK
Hi Everyone,
First of all thank you all for answering all my previous question. We got a great bunch of people in here, where one of you (@WoodyWoodWood) even offered me to try out his router.

I got a Table Saw for literally throwaway prices. Its an old one but works well. Sharp blade and no wobble.
The only problem is that it does not have a rip fence. Now the question is, should I service this and sell it off and buy another second hand table saw? Or should I go ahead and make a fence myself?(Please see pictures.) Suggestions for the design please if I should make one.
I called up Rexon for a replacement fence and they said that they have stopped this model with Aluminium table top, and cant help me.

Bit of preface. I recently bought a house and got a man den (Garage). I love to make stuff myself and am fairly good at it (although a bit slow, due to inexperience). I am currently in the process of buying tool. All second hand, so I can sell it later when all my projects are over.


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A diy Biesemeyer fence isn't too hard to build.
You might even find an aftermarket one that you can install or modify for your TS.
Those are a generic saw & come rebadged as several makes. I've got a parkside/lidl version & to be honest if I were you I'd make my own fence as the supplied one is very flimsy & it will bow when used!

It clamps onto the aluminium extrusion next to the yellow measuring scale. You could make something from wood or steel that clamps at both ends.
As others have said have a go at making one. In its simplest form a 4x2 and 2 clamps but google has hundreds of ideas and also youtube. Anything you make should be sturdier than the original fence it had.
Thanks everyone for your replies.
Is it ok to use a 4X2? Will it be dead straight? I have see that most people use PlyWood/Board.
Most videos that I could find were using wooden clamp and only at one end.
Wooden clamps are recommended? Or I should buy some kind of metal clamps? (No Idea what kind of clamp will suit)
I also have one of these and have used it for years. The original fence actually isn't too bad in terms of being rigid, but it is difficult to get it set parallel to the blade. It clamps on both the front and rear of the table so is quite stable. However, clamping at the front (far side) tends to overrule the effect of the 'T' square on the rear (near side) which is attempting to make it parallel with the blade, but is too short for the T to be effective anyway. I usually measure off both ends of the blade to get it parallel before clamping.
I then bought a SIP 01332, 10" cast iron top saw and have got a Delta T2 (Biesemeyer style) fence for it, so the Rexon is only used occasionally or for site work. It's a decent little saw though and the aluminium table is good. It's well worth getting a decent fence arrangement and the suggestion of a DIY Biesemeyer is well worth considering. I was actually considering the Axminster bandsaw fence before I bought the larger SIP saw.