Soft close hinges/stays for toy box

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11 Mar 2016
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I've knocked up the attached for my one year old grandson to keep his toys in order. It's 12mm MDF panels in softwood frame, 800 by 40 by 40. I've left the gap at the front to a) provide a grip to open the lid and b) mitigate the risk of fingers being caught/crushed.

I would like to fit some kind of mechanism to the lid to provide a soft close feature to remove the risk of injury entirely. I have trawled online and there are a number of confusing options quoting different amounts of NM and the like. I am really stumped as to the best solution. The lid weighs 9kg which I know is on the heavy side but I wanted something substantial enough to sit on. I've not fitted hinges yet, as I am wondering whether there is some solution involving soft close mechanisms built into the hinge itself, along the lines of those used for vertical-doored kitchen cabinets, though of course with much stronger damping effect.

I'd appreciate any advice from anyone with experience of these kind of fittings.



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I made a toy chest the other year and used a L/R pair of the S-100T30 friction stays from
Sugatsune UK
635 Wharfedale Road, Winnersh Triangle
Wokingham, RG41 5TP
TEL +44 (0)1189 272 955
www dot sugatsune dot co dot uk
I found their customer support for finding the correct item very helpful.
(sorry about the odd web address - I can't seem to post a url....)
Thanks for that. That website is not the easiest to navigate and I find the array of products overwhelming. Does the stay you mention hold the lid up or just provide soft close?
It does both. You can open the lid most of the way and it will stay put, even if not fully open. I seem to remember that 3/4 open or less it will gently close, but it was possible to adjust the resistance. I got a bit confused with the differences between the various products on their website and I asked their customer services for advice and they asked for the lid dimensions and weight and then told me what I should be looking for.