Ronseal Garage Floor Paint quandry

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11 Mar 2016
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Birmingham, UK

This is my first venture into the off-topic section, so I hope I've posted this in the right place.

I've just finished levelling my workshop floor with Bostik Ultra-hard levelling compound, which it states can be used as a final wear surface. I was planning to paint it, and so bought some Ronseal Diamand Hard Garage Floor Paint. In my naivity, my thought process was as follows:

"This is a garage floor. That says "garage floor paint" in big letters. It must be paint that is for garage floors. I will buy that."

What an silly person :mrgreen:

In teeny letters on the back of the tin (yes, I should have read it, but .... well, I'm a man for goodness' sake. This stuff should be innate) it says, "not for use on self levelling compounds or floated floors".

I'm at a loss to imagine why. Anyway. I need to coat it with *something*, and would rather not fork out another £100 on expensive epoxys, even though that is the best solution. It's only going to get weekend wear, so it doesn't need to be overkill. I would just be incredibly grateful if someone was able to recommend something that won't break the bank, and will work on a levelling compound.

Thanks ever so much!
Isn’t this so frustrating.

I would imagine that there may be a high alkaline content in self levelling screed which would break down the oil base of the floor paint. There should be a data sheet for the product that may give a more detail, or try the technical advice line of the company.

There are alkaline resisting primers on the market, may be worth looking at.
I've never used their paints, but Smith and Allan are a supplier of industrial oils, grease and finishes so may be able to help. I phoned them with an unusual request for gearbox oil suitable for a 1950s saw and they couldn't have been more accommodating, considering it was a tiny £9 order.

P.S. They have a variety of industrial floor paint for very reasonable prices.

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