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22 Oct 2003
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Another FYI post for those of you who seldom venture beyond the safety of this board.

First up, someone had the truly terrible idea to gather together mug shots of members. #-o If you'd like yours included (or there's already one online that Chas will be able to find and subsequently embarrass you with if you don't submit a more flattering one - DAMHIKT) then follow the link. Whether it's to make it easier for us to meet up, or avoid each other, is hard to say...

Secondly, there was a vague idea to get a few workshop tours gathered on the (surprise) "Completed projects, workshop tours and past mistakes board". Unilaterally I've declared May to be Workshop Tour Month, and no-one's groaned and said no, so there it is. 'Course there wasn't a barrage of cheering and huzzahs either, but I'll put that down to everyone rushing off to dust off their Box Brownies... :roll:

End of Public Information Announcement.

Cheers, Alf

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