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Sold Record Power DS300


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27 May 2011
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Virtually unused, bought for a specific project in mind but in practice was not suitable.
Probably has been run less than 30mins and is fitted with a loop & hook adaptor and comes complete with 8 unused 180 grit loop discs and one original stick-on 80-grit
Looking for £200 £150 ono so £150 under current new offers.
Prefer collection from near Colchester due to its ~30kg weight


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Tempted .. if you could include P&P in that I could be very tempted
I might be able to do a deal if we went halves or similar - at 30kg bare it breaches most carriers weight limits, especially as I would need to crate it to ensure safe delivery and this pushes it into stratospheric £50+ pallet charges.
If you are amenable I could detach the cast table and see if I can secure both into two parcels thus bringing the costs back into manageable figures.
Let me know and I can see if I can keep the main weight below 30kg crated....
See what you can come up with regarding removing the table (I assume a simple enough job) and securing into two packages that will ship without potential for breakage in transit, if it's possible, and we can take it from there
ok -let me work out how it might break down weight wise and I'll let you know - may be a couple of days as have a lot going on at present
No deal - I weighed it on my bathroom scales and its 36Kg - Record say it's 33kg so removing the cast table isn't going to bring it under pallet weight charges - sorry,

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