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Pugh auction - Feb 25th


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20 Feb 2004
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In the eternally wet North
Just a heads up to say that they have an additional auction just been inserted at short notice.

However, although it does say wood, timber etc in the blurb, my understanding is that it will be predominantly tools...as in flea-market type tools. I shall be sticking some stuff in as I now know what sells well and so will be raiding my firewood pile :roll:

If you haven't been before, I can thoroughly recommend Ledbury to your distaff side. Ledbury has several good dress shops...Ceci Paulo in particular. Lots of cafe's......Pascal's almond tarts in his French cafe above Sez (a dress shop IIRC) are delicious and as Gill has mentioned there are some very good butchers. It is a very Olde Towne...well worth wandering around as is Malvern on the other side of the Hills.

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