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Oak parquet ex Tower of London, 50 blocks, FTAGH


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1 Jul 2015
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I have 50 oak parquet T&G blocks left over from flooring my hall about 15 years ago, which I am now never going to use and need the space. They measure 12" x 2 1/4" x 1/2" and were bought from LASSCO who reclaimed them from the Tower of London! (I have the receipt stating this). They date from about 1850. Obviously this won't floor more than a small lobby, but the wood might come in handy for small boxes etc.

They are in pretty awful condition, the backs having the original pitch that has to be chipped off before use. Plenty of splits and dents. So I don't want anything for them, but can't bring myself to throw them in the tip or burn them. But when cleaned up they look good, see pics, and make a nice talking point. The floor was professionally laid and the layer complained a lot about the work in cleaning the blocks!

Collection only, please,(Warwick) though I'll be driving between Warwick and Leeds and also Oxford within the next month and could meet somewhere on the routes.

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Congrats Moony - Be sure to make something cool out of that history, and post pics here!!