Native Bavarian Woodworkers

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31 Dec 2004
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Cotswolds UK
I guess the guys who did this little bit of Chipying used waterstones to sharpen their chisels, they were certainly "Beavering" away most of the night.
Thank you Chas for the list of timber suppliers.

In case other members haven't seen the list its timber suppliers highlighted in blue at the bootom of the thread

I have a feeling chas that the link has not been noticed by the forum.

Thanks again.
devonwoody":34n6kzx4 said:
Thank you Chas for the list of timber suppliers.

You're welcome Woody I await some feedback on users comments, personal recommendations, good or bad experiences etc. regarding any company listed.

I do not think the list will be of any more use than a Google Search unless it can provide a measure of guidance on customer service, satisfaction etc.

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