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17 Nov 2004
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Farnham, Surrey
I am coming to the end of my first year at college and i thought i would show you my first attempt at veneered box making. I am quite pleased with it but there are a few elements i am not happy about. There are a few gaps around the tray and unfortunately the tray is not square by a mil meaning the tray can only go in one way. ... ary%20Box/

I have used walnut and ash veneer's, i do not know what the stringing is. I found the process of making the box and veneering quite straight foward and i will probably attempt to make a few more at home now i have confidence with the process.
I finished the box with a couple of coats of sanding sealer, a couple of coats of clear polish and a bit of briwax.
I have enjoyed my first year studying furniture making, starting as a complete novice, i have picked up skills and confidence throughout the year. Next year i will begin machine made furniture which is basically the same as the handcrafted furniture i have been doing except i am able to become competent in the workshop machinery.
If i improve as much as i have in the last 9 months next year i will be very happy.
Nice box BH.,I particularly like the stringing. looking forward to seeing more :D
I like it to, well done. :D I have never done any veneering, so I may ask questions if the tuit turns up. :roll:
thanks for your positive comments. im planning to start making a table for the hallway in my house over the summer.


i will probably make the legs slightly longer so it's reletively tall but quite narrow for the hallway. i was contemplating using ash and brown oak for the panel or maybe oak instead of ash. i don't know yet. what do you think?
not wanting to get involved with bad hyper etc again I will address you as BH.

Super box, in fact I thought the table at first glance was going to be a stand for the box.

I think your design of table (stand) would make a good project with two or three more boxes to finish as another embroidery case.

Hope you didn't mind the hi-jack.

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