Mafell P1CC Jigsaw... why so expensive?

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15 Jan 2010
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Buxton, Derbyshire
Hello all, Just pondering as to why the above jigsaw is so expensive? There can't be that much difference between this and say a makita jobbie for £260+ cheaper can there?

This thing must be MEGA accurate, and have no play when cutting tight corners whatsoever. Has anyone got one, can they give me some info on it please?

Cheers in advance_Dan :)
I noticed this, super expensive for a jigsaw. I like my mafell tools but I can't see how a jigsaw can be worth that much, what type of work would someone have to be doing for it to be worth them buying?
Exactly. Unless they use a Jigsaw 95% of their day or something. Lóco. Saying that, the Cordless Festool is £530 in some places!

Flippin Pineapple! _Dan :)