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Fantastic. You're obviously ok financially and fair play for taking the plunge and going for it. I left an IT Director role in Sept after it just became too stressful and actually the stuff I was stressing about really wasn't important, nobody was dying - except maybe me. I'm now doing a few different things and I'm much less stressed and the house is looking better! So fair play. I'm hopefully off to fly drones for a living!

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Little bleary eyed this morning after me leaving drinks last night. Thanks everyone for your positive and encouraging responses. Don't think I'll pick up any tools today, need all my digits in tact :D
Best of luck with your venture.

Good for you for having the courage to go for it. It is all too easy to spend a working life moaning about your job but then doing nothing about it (although I do know financial restraints make it difficult if not impossible to change careers).

I'm also planning a change, ironically I actually work in the woodworking industry, but once I started employing people I no longer do any work at all on the tools and actually work full time in an office which is frustrating. Although I must admit that a significant part of the work is involved in design.

You will find running your own business, you will never have enough hours in the day.

I think with the recent development of tools like track saws, domino machines and routers, there is a good opportunity for making good furniture in a small, home workshop.

I would start the business planning early, especially costings. It would be very useful to know your overheads and potential number of hours working per year to arrive at an hourly and daily rate.
Wow. After 20 years woodworking, I must admit to occasionally craving an it job with pension and security attached.
Doesn't last long but the feeling is there.
Have always been a believer in following your dreams, good luck sir
Shugs it would be interesting to us all, and a good reference for others wishing to do the same, if you were to post progress reports on here win or lose, warts and all.
I'm certain you'll get positive feedback and sound advice.
If you could post an ongoing progress thread, a bit like Steve's workshop thread, that would be really nice. I don't think we really get to see the process of actually setting out and trying to live the dream, so it might be useful for people hoping to do the same thing, and for people who want to live vicariously.
Without wanting to offend my fellow IT workers, there are IT jobs, and IT Jobs. Most IT jobs just don't offer any creative outlet or sense of building or accomplishing anything.

When I left uni 16 years ago, I made the naïve assumption that an IT job was either a programmer or a sysadmin. It was genuinely sad to see just how many managers, project managers and generally people adding not a great deal to the process of developing software and designing systems in the work place. I don't blame anybody who gets fed up of one of these jobs and looks for something more fulfilling. We just aren't built to deal with level of boredom.

For me, being a programmer offers just enough of a challenge and sense of building something to stop me from throwing it all in for a trades or woodworking job. It isn't all peachy, isn't the best paid job in IT, but it is enough.

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