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12 Jan 2003
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any news from anyone? the website still looks the same, do we have any news on who to contact for spares (not that I need any) how long they will be available, retail of kity machines?..............
At the Yandles show, back in April, a chap from NMA reckoned that the Best-Combi machines would be available again in late summer, with other machines to follow.

Information about spares
The Kity Saga Begins. It continues (sort of). And then some more news. All of which we knew here before it got into the mags, thanks to Kityuser's persistance in pursuit of his dream saw. :D Moral? Stay tuned to your favourite woodworking forum. You know it makes sense. :wink:

That was a Forum Election Broadcast on behalf of UK Workshop :D

Cheers, Alf
Alf":2b29mhxu said:
Moral? Stay tuned to your favourite woodworking forum. You know it makes sense. :wink:

Cheers, Alf

You mean there are other woodworking forums? I barely have time to read the posts here.

I'd be surprised to hear that they are as good as this one!!!!
What annoys me is the number of suppliers who still show the Kity products on their websites or catalogues this year. Despite having no stock for 6 months they are slow in changing their pages to remove these items.
I had set my heart on a Kity 419 with extension table & sliding carriage but have to save up for it. I was recently told of a small tool shop that had one in stock but can guarantee it will have gone by the time I have the money. It looks like I will have to settle for an Electra Beckum because it's size will fit the availible space. :cry:

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