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10 Aug 2010
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Hitchin, Hertfordshire
A friend of mine has just contacted me regardsing a business he's investing in - fitting out high end VW campers. Has asked me if I know anyone that might be interest in the fit out - the cabinet4ry rather than mechanicals which they already have sorted. I'm not sure of any details but it sounded like the sort of thing a forum member might be interested in.
I'm afraid I don't know. My mate is the money behind the idea; practical he is not. At the moment I believe they're ramping up production and want to bring their outfitting in house. Thats as much as I know.

Wouldn't surprise me if there were several companies doing it though given that foreign holidays might be off the menu.
A camper van shop has just opened down the road from me on the site of an old car rental company.

Campervan conversions are very popular on social media as well + the pandemic. There could be lots of new companies out there.

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