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3 Aug 2009
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Just North of Liverpool
The clutch has gone on my 2007 Focus 2.0 tdci.

Just had a quote of £1167 to supply and fit. I politely enquired if my hearing was also beginning to fail, at which point I was told it's not just a clutch but a 'dual mass flywheel assembly'...

Well why didn't he say that in the first place? Now I can see what a bargain it really is.

I suddenly miss my '88 Cavalier.
You could get a solid flywheel conversion, usually much cheaper.

Check if there's any colleges near you that do motor vehicle. Most do work, checked by professionals, much much cheaper.
Yep, had the same problem with my Transit clutch in that cost me over £700! I am glad the damn thing went bang in the end as it was costing me a fortune. Isn't progress wonderful. :roll:
Thanks for the replies. It would appear that it might be covered under the warranty, assuming it is the flywheel; won't know for certain until it's in bits, but worth a punt.

Actually, I appear to have made the car gods angry this week; while the Focus has been off the road I've been pottering around in the dog-mobile Clio. Got in this morning to go to the car booty and the starter motor on that gave up!

Might buy a horse...