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25 Oct 2021
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Evening all. just got my 1st ok 2nd lathe after buying an utter rubbish einhell one I've now got a very nice record power No1 lathe. getting ready to start my 1st project.
the lathe came with the record power 3000 chuck set but I'm still trying to fathom how it all goes together. don't suppose some has the instruction booklet. anyways lets get turning. atb...chip
Hi, sorry i dont have a instruction book, but just wanted to say hi :) -
Have you tried the Record Power site, it has instructions :) - not sure if that one is still current though
hey KrissKross. yeah i have tried the record site but not on there. i think im sussing the cuck bits slowly. a bit like my woodturning said the mrs lol.
Hi phil. you know where i am in cornwall lol. hows things. i heard you paid a visit to roche the other day. have to catch up one day. or you can help me with the woodturning lol. atb...chippy

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