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I am looking to buy a new lathe for both between centres and faceplate work. I have been impressed with the advert's for the Hegner lathe. Does anyone have any experience of this lathe that they could shate (both good and bad). Alternativly, what other decent sized/made lathes should I be looking at for this amount (c £1400 maximum inc. fittings)?
Thanks for your advice
Hi, Pinus,

I wanted to start woodturning a couple of years ago and, initially, visited some of the main UK woodworking and turning exhibitions to try to make sure I did not make expensive mistakes. I gleaned a lot of advice from people such as Reg Sherwin, Dave Roberts and other top turners (what a friendly and helpful lot they are) and the general message that came through was to buy the best and biggest I could within my budget. I looked at the various models available and favoured the Hegner. The information pack they supplied to me was excellent, describing all the features in detail. I then asked Hegner UK if there was an existing owner near to me who I could visit to look at one. They 'phoned me back within a few minutes having arranged a visit for me.

The upshot of all this is that I purchased the Hegner. Not having had a lathe before, I had nothing to compare it with. However, I am delighted with it. It is as described - quiet, accurate, vibration free and the variable speed does, I am sure, eliminate frustration that I could see arising with having to change a belt manually (although any problem there would probably be because I'm an impatient so-and-so!). I did buy the upgrade to a 1 h.p. motor, which is worth the extra £50.

Although of little experience I am totally satisfied with it, although I have built my own bench, tailored to my height, rather than spending £90 on Hegner's pressed steel ends. My bench is much better and cost £30 quid!

Hope this helps?
Hegner's lathes are regarded as the best there is by pretty much all the turners I know, if that helps. I don't own one, but aspire to do so one day!

Sorry to jump into your discussion a little late but I've just found UK Workshop forums.

I'd just like to add that in the Creative Woodturning school we have two Hegner lathes, both work hard and both have been worth every penny we spent on them. At first there was a little unexpected vibration with out of balance pieces but this was cured by adding strengtheners to the feet on the Hegner stands.

Regards....Mike Swain


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