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24 Nov 2009
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Hi I am referbishing some teak box sash windows in a mansion which is right on a cliff which gets batterd by wind and salt spray the owners don't want varnish or stain so I'm looking at oiling them I am looking at doing this in either teak or dainish oil because of their resistance to weather but if anyone has a better suggestion I would be grateful as I need to get it right it's the first time in 130 years they have been touched and probably the last for years

Out of interest what where they finished with before, that lasted 130 years? sounds as if you will have a long search to improve on that.
Not much looking at whats left obviously the teak alone is weather resistant it's just the clients want them brought back to life as they look flat
I would tell them they have a choice of refinishing every year or they can just let them go grey.

They would love me if I told them that the scaffold has cost 15k they have held there colour very well and none of them are really that grey
Scaffold went up to re point chimneys the windows were an afterthought and they are broke that's why there getting referbed
DUNK_WALES":2htrpyjb said:
I was looking at osmo but I thought it was for interior applications only?

Osmo UV protection oil 420, the manufacturers say two coats will give a four year protection

The timber has maybe lasted 130 years but unless it is treated every few years, it will lose it's treated colour. Untreated wood will go a silvery grey (nice according to some people) but not a scratch on timber which is retreated every few years. If anyone can remember the time before plastic windows, wooden windows used to get a coat of paint every couple of years or so and they lasted a lifetime.

It amazes me that people will have timber fitted to a building or buy garden furniture and listen to the rubbish advice dished out "leave it to go grey" it will go grey and it will also become rough, splintery, scratchy and uncomfortable to use. Folks think nothing of shelling out shed loads of money on servicing some shiny car every year but ignore the place they are living in which is going to be standing long after the car is in the scrap yard (if looked after the same way and with less monetary outlay)

Depending on prevailing weather conditions, timber will need different care, timber facing South will be bleached by the sun, timber facing North will have moss growing on it, it's drier in Norfolk than Wales etc etc etc. These factors all add up to how often the timber needs treating and with what.

Timber needs looking after, it doesn't grow on trees you know!!!!!!!!!!