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Sold Festool Domino DF500Q


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10 Nov 2006
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Boston Lincs
Next up for sale due to downsizing is my Domino DF500Q , Conplete with sustainer , additional fence , A set of 5 cutter , Only one has been used , They are 4/5/6/8/10 mm in a case , Power lead , Spanner , think thats it .

37A10745-EAE6-4070-BB8E-FE3B528D0B61 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/150639903@N08/, on Flickr

Not keen on posting as I do not have a big enough box , All I can offer is to roll it up in some decent thickness cardboard and strap it with industrial strapping, You would then need to arrange a courier to collect from my home , sort the courier and sort the insurance value and pay the courier , Once gone from my home ( collected ) I am no longer responsible for any loss or damage
Payment is either cash on collection of direct bank transfer , I think we all know what a domino looks like so I have not done loads of images.

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Systainers are designed to be courierable so not much extra packaging required, like you say some cardboard just to protect the systainer a bit from scratches (and probably more so to hide the contents).
Whenever you're in your local supermarket and they are stocking the shelves in the fruit and veg section, ask for some empty cardboard trays. These are a great source of strong multiply corrugated card. Cut them down and form a box around your stuff with duck or parcel tape. You can reinforce corners and make something quite robust. This is my goto for posting heavy / fragile / valuable items like tools, photo gear, even a motorcycle helmet.