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9 Feb 2021
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Hello I have decided to go with the 3 motor camvac having looked at various setups on the net I may have to get 2 but anyway I will try one on my hammer a3 31 as that’s my largest mechine now !…I may or may not have to get another one for my router table and power tools .
if any of you have the triple motor version do you run all 3 motors at once ?and for how long can they be run before the motors need to cool ?. Also anyone else using them on a 310 planer ?.
Good luck with it all Tazio whatever you go for, and nice to speak earlier (I'm guessing it was you?;))
Laguna UK

Hello Nick yes nice to speak to you earlier too .
I had pretty much decided on the Laguna over the weekend as your company is very transparent over the details and spec on your website , which I appreciate,In my other post I also mentioned that despite the motor being only 1.1 kw the performance figures looked better than slightly more powerful units .
But I have a very pacific situation where having wound down a fairly good sized joinery design company with 4 joiners and 11 men on site i am now on my own in the workshop with much smaller equipment and the large high pressure vacuum type extraction maybe be better certainly for my rail saw routers ect , I will only I suspect use my hammer a3 31 for maybe 2 to 3 hours a week if that and that’s why I decided to give the big vacuums a go it maybe that I will need one 2 motor one and another 3 motor for the planer but they are a whole lot more practical in a small workshop and adaptable . The only mechine I may struggle with is the planer and if it’s a real problem then I will simple get a P Flux but at least I can try the camvac route first !. If however I was doing a lot more planing then I think due to run time and capacity I would have to install a larger low pressure extractor .

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