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22 Sep 2007
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Northampton area
im sure there is one out there and have seen some kinds on vids

to be used with shelf pins or other. just evenly spread holes in a stright line or and with more options.... any body know any links.

and for any other handy jigs "have router circle ones" some kinda square/rectangle adjustable might be nice.
Crikey! £130 to drill a few holes?

Get a piece of MDF and drill a row of holes. Makr out and drill as carefully as you can but it isn't critical.

Mark one end of the board as a datum.

When the cabinet is assembled, but before the back goes on, clamp the board ("jig" is a rather grand term for this, isn't it?) to the inside of the cabinet, with the datum end on the floor of the cabinet.

Put some masking tape on your drill to indicate how deep to drill, and drill through the jig into the cabinet.

Because the datum end is always against the bottom of the cabinet, it means all the holes are the same up all four corners. Any irregularity in the spacing is repeated in each row, so the shelf doesn't rock.

Spend the saved money on a Veritas plane.
Steve is right, if it's just for shelf pins make your own out of a strip of 18mm MDF. Carefully drill a line of holes the required distance in from the edge with whatever spacing suits the job in hand, and then screw large penny washers (25mm dia works perfectly for 18mmm board) to one edge and at one end for registration. If you use with one of these or similar along with good quality lip and spur drilll bits really high quality results can be acheived very quickly and easily.
If you really feel you must fork out large sums of money on a ready made line drilling jig I'd recommend getting one of the ones that are based on our european 32mm system (holes 32mm apart) rather than the veritas (which has 1" spacing) then it will enable you to use the standard spacing for fitting concealed hinges and the like. Hafele and others I believe (Isaac Lord maybe?) do one, but boy it ain't cheap!
I made one using a row of 30mm holes to take a router guide bush. Then use the router in plunge mode with a suitable sized straight cutter. Gives a much more consistent depth and angle than a drill.

Works for me.

yes slim thats kind of the idea but way way way way over priced
as i would be more happier with the kind of one steve and others said

i just fort there might be a plastic one. and then a straight edge guide at one or both ends with the holes drilled in..... guess only in US.
These people have quite a good jig and when used with the 5mm self centering bit should be quite quick. I have only seen their hinge jig which was well made.

Or there is this plastic one from rutlandsbut you will not find many shelf studs that suit the 1/4" bit.

I use a MDF template with holes to suit a 10mm guide bush and plunge with the router using a TCT tipped dowel drill.

I do this with a piece of ply with four holes drilled 2 either side, in 2 upper holes place dowels and then place the dowels in the first 2 holes in the work piece, then move the jig down locating the dowels in the new holes each time then drill/rout the next set of holes. etc


As said above a router does a neat job, but also Isaac Lord do brass / steel inserts to make the whole thing very neat

You can even put a fence on it to make sure you keep it square, but I find this not necessary
rjrl101":wuncjnnt said:
Lark":wuncjnnt said:
and for any other handy jigs "have router circle ones" some kinda square/rectangle adjustable might be nice.

Trend do an adjustable rectangle cutting jig which looks quite tempting, but again, it's pricey. http://www.trend-uk.com/en/UK/product/VARIJIG/3/153/Varijig+system+Adjustable+frame+700.html

yer i see one more like 55 on ebay was hoping might be something else out cheaper

and again for that drill router jig. surely for a bit of plastic with holes in would be say a £10er for £40 it should drill the holes for me :p but thats is more again what i was looking for just not the price might as well make own, save money as spare wood just take time to make it thats all and does not look as nice

thanks for the links tho i had not seen the trend drill one
i did do a search for the jig and people had used them as one....

some time i do want to do my garage out with some cupboards and what have you so i would have some pegboard stuff then and could always attach a straight bit to keep it square.

it was only if they where cheap enough to buy they often look a bit nicer than scrap wood.