Does anyone get this.

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12 Jan 2015
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Norn Iron
I've been looking at this for 5 mins and I don't get it.


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Would explain why (thankfully), he doesn't look like his father ? :dunno:
My take on it:
The irony of the parents having to think they need to tell the child he’s adopted when it would be already obvious to the child he is adopted.

I like The Far Side.

That's sort of what I meant.
Well, the way I see it, he ain't there son and they ain't his parents. So, did he know already? Or is it me?
Here in Scotland there is a long tradition of siblings and parents taking the mickey by telling a member of the family the reason they have to do a particular task is that they are adopted and therefore implying they are not really a proper member of the family. but for this cartoon the child is so different to the parents physically that it is meant to be obvious that he is not their offspring