De Haviland Mosquitoes.

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When the veneers and thin plywood sheets are laid over they will be fair. They may also have more to do after that part of the video. For what it is worth when they made them here in Canada the moulds were made of concrete. After the war when they stopped making them they broke them up unfortunately.

Good point, Nick!!
Why pad a seat if the parachute does the job?
Interestingly enough, another visit I made more recently was to the Martin-Baker factory for the modern ejection seats. As a lighting engineer I was doing designs for ligthing their area for packing the parachutes. The modern seats are better, but not exactly club-class!
If your interested in Martin Baker read "The man in the hot seat" by Doddy Hay their chief test pilot, the things that were done to him!
For those interested in the woodwork on the Salisbury Hall Mosquito restoration, here are a few more pictures. They were taken in 2009 so the aircraft may well be finished by now, I'm afraid I haven't been back. Though if it has been completed you wouldn't be able to see the timber used in its construction. The heated copper pipe was part of a jig that the aeroply was softened over, before being fitted to the wing.
Beautiful job on the two a kid our neighbours ( aunty kitty and uncle bill ) worked in the factory building mosquitos for the war, it’s where they met.
They all got given an aluminium mozzie , bill glover gave his one to me , I was about six years old and still have it.
Cast aluminium.
About two miles from where I live is the mosquitoes museum .
Bill would have loved to see those superb models you made .

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