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Sold Creusen slow speed grinder , SOLD PENDING PAYMENT AND COLLECTION


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10 Nov 2006
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Boston Lincs
My Creusen slow speed grinder is for sale , Works great , You need one of these to help stop overheating the tool edge,
I am only selling as I also own a Pro edge and a monster Axminster slow speed machine

£185 ( Now £165 ) collected or I am willing to pack it for courier collection from my home PE21
The post office do home collections , I also have a Evri drop of shop close , If you chose Evri I can parcel it up , Give you the box size and weight , Then email me the lable or QR code and I will take it to the shop.

5085C9C3-25D7-45CD-8447-978CEA4D5042 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/150639903@N08/, on Flickr
Video if it works

Blimey I only went and did it.

Simon Hope does a slow speed machine it's not a Creuson , Some other make and it is £285. My Creuson represents good valve.
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Upperty up

Now reduce down to £165

I am visiting my daughter in Brentwood Essex this weekend so could meet up on route A14 , M11 , M25 . A11 etc if this helps.
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Since this is now sold, I'll stick mine up on the For Sale forum, can't remember if its got any dings nor what state the wheels are in, but when I haul it out from under the detritus I'll be able to assess it and adjust price accordingly... - I didn't want to impact your sale @Blister !!

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