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26 Jan 2020
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Hi I am looking for a cnc router machine 1000mm x1000mm with software i Was looking at the work bee or the xyz carve has any one got any suggestions. I am new to this so I am not sure which is a good machine .
Thanks dave
Would you consider building a machine yourself?

It will cost you 2x as much, I'm sure, but probably be 4x the quality.

My work is CNC. I built the machine I use about 15 years ago from industrial scrap (a lot of bits from clean room environments, so easy life stuff!)

Whilst I've had bits fail, I can't see that one of the off the shelf (not that there were any back then, or at least not for less than the cost of a new family hatchback!) would have stood up to the use and abuse that I've weighed upon my unit.
Hi davedog we have just ordered a 1500mm x 1500mm ooznest workbee.
If you go on youtube to Peter Millards site ( he has 11 videos of his experince of the workbee machine. Beware it will take about 30 hrs to build it. I have previous experince of build a snapmaker 3d printer so it doesnt scare me off.
we bought it because its had excellent reviews and more importantly it has telephone support which trust me you will need. The software the supply with the machine is very easy to opperate.
hope this helps