Clarke (Machine Mart) Table Saw

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30 Jul 2004
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I do not know if it will be of use to any of you, but i have a Clarke CTS10 table saw to give away, which except for the pxp is free of charge.
Its the one that Machine Mart sell, or at least it is the older version of the one they now sell.

As i am sure you know it is by no means in the same market as the sort we are used to on this forum, but it may help someone who is new to the hobby and who cannot afford a better one yet.

So what i am doing with it? I was given it by a lovely old girl who i did some work for. It was her husbands but he has now passed away and so she wanted it to go to a good home. I didn't really want it but i also did not want to offend her.

It has 2 x10" blades.

If anyone wants it just let me know.



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