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Steve Lomas

16 Nov 2019
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Whitley Bay
Need a steer as a new comer to Lancaster as to where to buy materials . I have just moved to the area and need a steer on timber yards for good quality hardwood and a good selection of sheet material. Also if there are any good suppliers of HVLP spray paint and acceories near by.
Would be grateful for any advice from local joiners.
For sheet materials I found Arnold Laver was the cheapest, if it's a big enough order it's free delivery from their Manchester yard.

G&S specialist timber are in Penrith, there seems to be a number of one man bands selling through Facebook that seem to have a good stock of hardwoods and a scattered about north Lancs. There's also Hoghton's based towards Preston.

This list isn't exhaustive as I'm sure there's more out there but I'm also relatively new to the area.
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CW Berry in Leyland have a reasonable stock of hardwoods - mainly joinery timbers. It's all in the big green shed at the back of the yard behind the timber and building materials huts - go in and have a look. I've bought large planks of sawn Utile, Shorea, Meranti from them. It's not on their website. They are a builders merchant with 30 acres of stuff on site, including good range sheet materials. I think Lancaster may be within their delivery area, in which case for most orders reasonable sized orders, delivery is free. With regard to spray paint for timber for HVLP, I have found many ordinary paints don't spray well. I am now using Teknos aquatop and primer which is specifically designed to be sprayed and I have had excellent results from. Last lot just bought online from Holman Specialist Paints - the UK's leading paint and specialist coatings supplier
Thanks very much for the advice fellas.
I’ll be on the phone initially to get a handle on what the do best. Sheet goods first as I’m building the workshop and need to get a move on with that. I used to use Morrells spray shop on Tyneside and was hoping that there would be a specialist dealer like Morrells where you can walk in and buy spray products. ( also great to get advice on paint types)
Thanks again for the advice.