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29 Oct 2020
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Langhe, Piemonte
Can anyone recommend books on the fundamentals of finishing? Not a book on any particular technique but how to prepare and finish pieces prepared with hand tools.
Is that too vague?
The Finishing 101 book was interesting read and one idea that came from it was the use of drying additives in oil based finishes. I use my own tweaked version of mikes magic mix and get occasional sticky patches from the Tung & linseed oils slowly drying out. The book mentions the use of drying agents so I trawled Amazon and found Rustins Drier (Terebene)

The recommended dose is 1 cap per 500ml so I added in a few drops to a small amount of my finishing liquid this afternoon and tested it out ……very impressed so far it definitely speeds up drying time and no stickiness leaving a good hard finish. Has anyone else tried this additive ?
CH Hayward offers a furniture cream/reviver using terebine namely

4 parts raw linseed oil
1 part terebine
12 parts vinegar

Probably clean up a cricket bat, too!
jeff jewitt has a good book on finishing, that's my main reference, tauntons complete illustrated guitar to finishing is the one.
" Staining and Polishing " by Charles Hayward, is quite a good book for the basics, Though not so much for modern finishes.
For more real life proffessional finishing albeit a little out of date(no water based) is modern woodfinishing techniques noel johnson leach.
It's an odd book being British and really aimed at pro woodfinishers (unique in that respect)but it does cover most bases Inc spraying
Old school french polishing

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