Better option for heat treating than a can of butane?

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Yep - that's what I was doing here, but my little propane can struggled with 1/2" diameter silver steel. Got there in the end, but it took ages to get the tip hot enough.

Photo, I dont think it will last long so looking for a lorry brake hub.
That looks to me to be the best idea and super cheap fuel too,,my problem is that I have quite a lot of soldered plumbing joints to do and my regular butane blowlamp torch is a bit of a pig in awkward situations, Ive been looking for a used Rothenburger superfire but never seem to see them, and have also thought about one of the cheaper copies like the one from Amazon on here,,I wonder how reliable they are? Im not a plumber so it will only get occasional use,,
If you have a weed torch you could try it.

The bigger tiger torches/weed torches that you run off a refilable propane tank also throw a lot of heat.

The above are only linked as examples and I'm not suggesting you buy one if you don't already have one. Only pointing out options you might have in the garden shed.

I haven't (needed to) heat treat any silver steel since getting the MAPP torch, but I used it to heat some 7/16" (~11mm) mild steel rod for bending. I've done it before using the little propane torch and it took ages, never got to a "red" stage, and required a lot of force to bend. This MAPP torch had a section just starting to turn red in no time at all, and gave me a nice easy bend. Consider me impressed.
I cheaped out and bought a different brand to the Rothenburger torch, but it seems decent (metal body). I went for a can of the Rothenburger MAPP because apparently some of the alternatives aren't as good.

I'll see how it performs next time I need to heat treat something, but I will also try to find a firebrick to make a one brick forge.

Yep this is what i have, a Turbo Torch, i even used this when i worked installing AirCon. Easy use and way better than Butane.