Benefits of upgrading blades for cheapish circular / jigsaw?

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Stuart M

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7 Apr 2024
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My current circular, a corded Enventor seems plenty powerful for my needs and should last me a while.

My jigsaw, a Parkside 12V cordless seems pretty poor performance-wise, and better blades probably won't help much. Anyone disagree?

I've got it mounted on a jigsaw table, so this is probably how I'll be using it, if that makes any difference.

My current circular takes 185mm / 20mm and there doesn't seem to be much choice of blade, but I see a few around the £20-£30 mark

Would there be any discernible increase in cutting performance from better blades?
Brought some jigsaw blades once at a car boot , took a chance but found out instantly why they were so cheap. As for your tools unfortunately if they are underpowered the blade choice won’t make a huge impact. If your planning to do a lot of woodworking then update your c//saw and j/saw then buy quality blades ..
Fine kerf blades will make a difference esp with cordless saws, as will using a bigger 4-5ah batteries which can deliver more watts.
Better blades always improve the performance over cheaper blades, but you will always be limited by the power in the tool itself. I would personally buy some better blades and see how you go.

Remember you can always put a slightly smaller blade in your circular saw if you don't mind slightly less depth. I did that with my track saw - I got a high quality bosch blade that was 5mm smaller because it was more readily available, and it's been perfect. You might want to reduce the blade speed dial slightly if you have that option, when you use a smaller blade.
I have an old Titan mitre saw, OK ish. Bought a Saxon bladei, it's like a new machine. Well worth the investment and I suspect it would be the same for a circular saw.

My experience with jig saws is less, but it always seems a bit random. I normally buy cheap blades and change them often but I don't do enough to be able to work out the best value for money approach.
another vote for saxtonblades

i have used Freud blades on Circular saw and Mitre Saw , and now use saxtonblades - Cheaper then having the freud blades sharpened , I have used high tooth count on both saws and using plywood, MR MDF and softwood , i do get a good finish with little to know tearout
I have not used thier jigsaw blades , I have a load of Bosch i purchased a while back - Multipurpose set on offer from screwfix - when those have run out, I'll buy from saxton blades
But I have also used various multi-tool blades and found saxtonblades to last and cut better , so thats all i use now