Bench grinder woes

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I agree with nev I also have a 6" record but I use the tormek jig system which is great it works fine maybe a little fast sometimes it catches you out and blues the tools. But it's around £400 for a full tormek set up so I just make do your better off having a cheap grinder with a good sharpening jig than an expensive grinder and having no money left for a good jig bearing in mind my jig was nearly £200 with all the bits and bobs and the grinder only £50

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Sorry to revive an old thread.

Any idea where in the UK you can get flange washer? They seem to be avilable in the US but not here.

Having problems installing a new wheel and getting it balanced.
Not surehow much help this will be and it might depend on the brand of machine you have ...but I bought my milbro polisher/grinder (I have a white alu-oxide wheel on the, now adapted, polisher end) from cookson. When I adapted mine I just rang Cookson and they sent me the bits I needed (for some minor cost) ... h=y&show=N

I guess if you call a uk supplier of the brand of your machine the same might work.
Oneway here in Canada make a wheel balancing system that would work for you but they are not cheap. I was given one as a gift and it works like a charm. I admit I would never have bought one due to the price but now that I have one I can say that I'd get them if I needed another grinder. I'm pretty sure you can get them on your side of the pond.

If you do stay with with what you have and find the washer you need, balance the wheels one at a time, then together. By that I mean, put one wheel on the grinder and dress it until balanced. Mark the wheel, washer and shaft with a felt marker, then remove it. Put the other wheel on the other side and dress it, then put the first back on the first side aligning the wheel and washer to the shaft. Then tweak the balance of both if they need it. It makes it easier to balance a wheel if the other side isn't shaking too.

I think my old grinder is an Electra Beckum but the markings have rubbed off over the years. It's been very good and far better made than many modern machines. The wheel flanges are cast alloy as far as I remember but I haven't changed a wheel in a while.