Bath waste. This can't be right??!?

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Joe Shmoe

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8 Mar 2008
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Just fitting a McAlpine HC2650 bath trap with click plug.

When it's clicked/engaged to stop the water, it still sticks up 3mm/4mm. Why on earth isn't it sitting more flush so it's not protruding? You'll catch your heels on it.

I'd expect it to be pretty flush so it's a nice smooth look. For the life of me, I can't work out how to sit the top clicky bit lower.



Am I missing something here or is that how they are?
Any trap that has a click top has to sit proud enough that it can move down and unclick. The one in my tub is only 1-2mm proud though.
I suspect when it is "down" that the seal prevents leakage, and water pressure will tend to compress the seal somewhat.
They are normally adjustable does the plug wind up and down. Try the nut under 4Bii in your instructions?

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