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11 Feb 2011
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Lampeter , West Wales
Having been a happy Axminster customer for over twenty years I am now far from happy. I recently ordered a new bench grinder which when it arrived was obviously not new with scratches and dents etc. A return was arranged as I would have to wait for a replacement as (surprise, surprise) they were out of stock. The courier arrived on the time and day arranged for collection but after a week with no news I contacted them. A few days later I received an email telling me the grinder had not been collected.

What can I do now as the courier left no paperwork.
I suggest you talk to Axminster again. The courier was working for them, not you, and appears to have let them down. That's their problem.
Axminster were gambling that you would not mind the shop soiled machine.
Just another part of their business model.
To be honest I don't think now is the time to complain about customer service from any company trying to survive under very difficult circumstances.
There on the face of it is no excuse to have sent you an item that may have been sent back by another customer and may have been destined for their ebay seconds shop but no doubt they are running on low staff levels and things will go wrong and it may take a little longer to sort out than normal.
AndyT":3rs02k9b said:
I suggest you talk to Axminster again. The courier was working for them, not you, and appears to have let them down. That's their problem.

Definitely, it’s Axminster’s responsibility.

I’d also agree with power tools, I’ve usually had decent service from Axminster but during these times, I had an issue with an order and the CS wasn’t great.
Stick with it.
I've placed two or three orders during the lockdown and while it seems to be taking 2 or 3 days to get the email saying the goods are being dispatched, their delivery is then very quick.
Axminster aren't faultless and I've been quite annoyed with them on occasions but I've had good customer service from them over a couple of issues in the last couple of years and their follow through is better than most.
Well said 'power tools' - I worked for Axminster for many years and know that customer service is a priority for them, but they like us are likely experiencing a massive surge in orders / customer queries whilst operating within staffing guidelines that mean things cannot be as smooth as they we would all like.

Very few retail stores are open to buy things 'over the counter' / offer advice - and our on-line orders / questions have gone through the roof as a consequence, and whilst we welcome the business of course, this extra workload has dropped onto companies like us who could never have forecast this - we were at one point 2 days behind in just shipping orders out which is unprecedented.

We've done late hours and staff in 7 days a week to keep on top of things.

ChrisBaker - I'd cut Axminster some slack on this, but certainly you need an explanation from them when they can respond, just saying though be aware that it may take longer than normal for the reasons above.

Cheers to all, Nick
I don’t mind the delay and accept the problems they are having along with everyone else. But I do object to being sent an item which clearly was not new and not even in its original Axminster carton. Had they explained this before sending it out we could have reached an agreement. Now to be told it wasn’t collected when the courier explained to me why he was deleting my address so it wouldn’t come back to me.
AndyT":x4qzsbu0 said:
I suggest you talk to Axminster again. The courier was working for them, not you, and appears to have let them down. That's their problem.
Agreed absolutely! Pick up the 'fone (don't email) and speak to somebody at AxHQ and don't put the 'fone down again until you have explained precisely what's going on.
I once had some grief from them a few years ago and when I mentioned that I knew the MD personally, the change in attitude was remarkable :lol: - Rob
One of the easiest ways to get something resolved when common sense isn't prevailing is to e-mail most CEO's directly. is where you can find the e-mail address for most CEO's of major firms. I'm in there and I hate it when customers have to use it ... but not as much as my team do when it happens!
Many thanks for that link, it seems to be very useful. I will give them a couple of days to get back to me before using that contact. I will also refresh thread if I have more information.

Many thanks for all the useful advice.
I’ve had this too, a clearly rejected part re-sent, then rejected again by me. It’s not a good thing to get a reputation for. Some of their own-brand things like UJK are quite badly manufactured which is not reflected in the price.

At last I got a result by contacting the CEO as recommended in an earlier post. I’m still waiting for the money to hit my account but it has been cleared. I still didn’t get any direct apology for it not being a new machine in the first place.

Thanks for all your helpful suggestions.