Any one on here do engraving on brass?

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16 Jun 2007
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Bardney, Lincs..
I am looking at making a brass index plate for my bandsaw,it is a segment of a larger circle, I know the radius, the height of segment etc and where I need the adjustment slots as well as the degree marking I need.

Anyone out there who could knock me one up, I certainly expect to pay.
Hi Chico, Yes it's something I can do for you PM me all the dims (rough scribble on paper is fine) I would draw it up for you to check if correct before cutting. I also have a stock of brass and aluminium to work from.
Here we are drawings done let me know if okay please or if needs any changes.



Hi Chico,
There we are your brass plate have left it for you to polish if you want to.
I won't be able to get to the post office till Tuesday but will drop you a message when I have sent it.



Edit: If you want it polished let me know
Phil, sorry about the tardy reply, no polish thank you as is will be fine, I intend to darken the lines then scotchbrite it clean so it will be brushed.
Just like to say it has arrived and an absolute top job. Very pleased I asked on here and thank you to Phill.
As mentioned above Phill did me a lovely job on the index plate, I got exactly what I need with no fuss at all. I just fitted it and knocked up a gash pointer.

I tried it at 0 degrees and 45 degrees and spot on. I'll add a few pics. I blacked in the lines. It is on an EB BAS 315.


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