Any good slae offers around?

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17 Jan 2014
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hi all, thought i would post this to see if anyone has seen any exceptional deals around and wishes to share them.

I am not talking about £2 off a £50 item in a sale, but maybe a one off item that may not be seen by the majority, or something that you have that you have spotted and would recommend others to take a look.

i have looked at rutlands and axminster but things that looked good were all sold out !

Homerjh":3g0bxumz said:
just found one, Irwin Marples M2153 Mortice Gauge, £20.19 from Amazon, most other places over £30.

I know this is going to be a stupid noob question but if you dont ask....

What is the blade type thing on the handle used for? and also I know the point of the one nail is to slide mark your piece of work but why have another nail the other side? surely they both do the same thing so only need one?


The 'blade type thing on the handle' is just a handle of sorts to be able to slide the point on that side in and out, so that once the fixed point on the opposite side has made its mark, you can adjust the slidey point to the required mortise width without moving the stock.

Otherwise if it had only the fixed point, you'd have to adjust the stock to make the second mark for a mortise - could be a nuisance if making several identical pieces.

At least, that's my theory... :D
Single pin on one side for marking, double pin on the other for mortice marking. One fixed, the other slides using the "blade" piece which is actually a thumb operated sliding doodah.
Once you've set the width of your mortice then you position it using the large block with the locking screw as normal.
Really simple once you see one and dead easy to use.

Hope that helps.
I think the barns tend to wait a week or two yet for offers.
But let's keep this post up to date when you spot something
Ffx are selling the original set of six Marples (6,10, 13, 19, 25, 32mm I think) for £41. Cheaper than I bought mine for and good chisels for site work at very least.